Nýtt lag frá LBA-krapp

Hin gríðarlega áhrifaríka hljómsveit LBA hefur sett nýtt lag inn á hina vinsælu MySpace síðu sína. Eða eins og segir í fréttatilkynningu frá erlendum fjölmiðlafulltrúa sveitarinnar:

have posted a new song from the acclaimed album "Cannibal Nuns I" to their popular MySpace page, a song entitled "Gengid". Lyrically it deals with the foreign exchange rates of the Icelandic Krona as they were at 9:15 AM on the 16th of October in the year 1991. It features rare currencies such as the Portuguese Escudos and the Finnish Mark, as well as classic crowd-pleasing favourites including the Danish Krona and the Swiss Franc. All exchange rates are presented with an accuracy of at least 3 decimal places. The song itself features solid electric guitar work by Willy-with-short-hair-in-8th-grade accompanied by H.F. Olafsson's beautiful minimalistic percussion. Willy-with-long-hair-in-8th-grade delivers the exchange rates in his soothing baritone voice, which has since then become his world-wide trademark.

This song is yet another classic from one of Akureyri's all-time most influential bands.

[end kvót]

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